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Okay it looks like I'm officially getting this rusty account up and running again and it's time for basically a new beginning.

I've been getting back into drawing mostly OC and cannon PONIES, but I seem to draw them according to my own fanfic, while at the same time, have been wanting to get back into anime, so I'm slowly but surely considering about splitting this account, leaving this one dedicated to the Ponies of Line Ark fandom and transferring all anime and posting all new anime on a new account as soon as I get a POLA backdrop for this current page, a new icon and an idea for a new account name. 

I know I've been making bios for each new pony I draw and post, but that alone has no clear explanation of my general fandom so... to all my new watchers (thanks for watching btw), here's pretty much a simple rundown:  This is basically a crossover between MLP and Armored Core with the storyline giving a message of protest against the under treatment of Princess Luna and all the privilege in the world to new tremendously overpowered Alicorn Princesses.  Been working on this for about 2 years now, and its seemingly continuously evolving.  Until I get more concept artwork done, here's a basic summary:


The Ponies of Line Ark are an outcast race of ponies who were the loosing side of what was known as the National Equestrian War in which an Alicorn who they loved and followed died tragically and henceforth would not accept Princess Celestia or Princess Luna as their inherent rulers.  They formed a nation isolating from the Equestrian Kingdom declaring their independence from it.  Princess Celestia, however, forbade this as she feared that a divided kingdom would collapse on itself.  Celesta commanded that the outcast ponies join Equestria or forever be banished from its land.  The outcast resisted and lost to Celestia's tremendous power and were ordered to cross a massive bridge across the Eternity's Crossing ocean and ordered never to set hoof on Equestrian land again. This outcast, however, managed to build a city in the center of this massive bridge, one that floats on the ocean, they called this city, Line Ark.

The City of Line Ark

The city that floats among the Eternity's Crossing ocean has dense buildings almost comparing with Manehattian, but is about a quarter of it's size.  It's population is roughly four thousand ponies with about 100 of them being Alicorns with some sort of deficiency.  The ponies now living in Line Ark are decedents from over two thousand years with no ruler of magic but rather a Council of representatives elected by the ponies with one general ruler among them all.  Their current ruler is a Pegasus known as President Gamma Ray.  President Ray among his Council , an Earth Pony named of Commander Seymour Butts, a Unicorn named Black Helmet, and another Pegasus named General Heart Fusion; are some of the few ponies who have carried the anger and frustration of their ancestors against Princess Celestia.  Eventually, the quad began recruiting ponies over the years training them on endless military drills to one day begin a rebellion against Celestia and to overtake Equestria in which they believe is theirs.  Commander Seymour Butts, although an Earth Pony, rallied a number of Pegasi to train against Equestia's Wonder Bolts, they became known as the Line Ark Raptors.  General Helmet recruited his own unicorns who focus their magics on laser spells in conjunction with wearing heavy armor, they became known as the Line Ark Paladins.  Finally, General Fusion, although a Pegasus, recruited a number of Earth Ponies trained to use new clockwork weapons that fire projectiles, these became known as the Line Ark Crusaders.


President Ray and his Council , although developed a plot to overthrow Princess Celestia throughout years of his presidency began a massive rivalry among each other as President Ray's allocation of resources to the never-ending and somewhat empty calls to arms of his Council 's armies began to cause famine among the innocent citizens of Line Ark.  President Ray, although was aware of the food shortage, denied his allocations to be any of his fault but rather the Council  for not providing for the citizens of Line Ark. 

About four years into the economic struggle, one single pony, a magic deficient Alicorn known as White Glint, began conducting legal representation work outside of Line Ark and into Equestrian lands defying not only Line Ark's law of remaining in the city, but Celestia's thousand year ultimatum of not one Line Ark pony ever to set hoof on Equestrian soil.  White earned money outside Line Ark and purchased food also from outside to support his Unicorn sister Lux and vassal Vibi Anna, an Earth Pony who claims to be a survivor of an earlier war that happened in Canterlot (hence recently fled to Line Ark.)  White Glint eventually was hired by Twilight Sparkle to come to Ponyville and defend her friend Pinkie Pie from prosecution over a freak accident she was facing blame for.  During his days in Ponyville, Lux came to him as a surprise visit and from there began to question why there was no real connection between Line Ark and Equestria.  It was there Twilight, and the two Glints proposed a plan for a secret economic trade route, exchanging food for electricity and thus saving the starving ponies of Line Ark.  Applejack was the biggest proponent of the plan seeing that electricity could greatly improve the lives and food production of Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres. 

After traveling back and forth from Ponyville to Line Ark, the White made an agreement with General Fusion to construct a powerline running from Line Ark to Ponyville and keep it a secret from President Ray.  General Fusion then secretly allocated food to the Citizens of Line Ark, saving them from the famine.  President Ray, however, eventually learned of this and ordered all three of his Council members to deploy the Line Ark army to stop the trade route, Ray going along with them.  Arriving with the entire Line Ark army in Ponyville, Ray and White got into a physical confrontation as White challenged his leadership.  The fight ended with President Ray vanishing, believing to have been killed.  White then gave the Council a choice to serve him, or to end up like Ray.  The Council, having already disapproved Ray’s leadership decided to give White a chance and continue the trade route.  This brought a very successful mutual relationship between Line Ark and Ponyville. 


  The Summit


Having successfully ending the famine of the Line Ark citizens and establishing a great relationship with Ponyville, Twilight and White proposed taking the mutual relationship to the next level:  Reintegrating Line Ark with Equestria and ending their two thousand year old banishment.  Twilight helped plan a summit in Ponyville where White and the Council would meet with Princess Celestia and discuss an official treaty making the Line Ark ponies official citizens of Equestria.  The Council loathed the idea as they shared their ancestors’ resentment for Celestia.  But the biggest opponent ended up being White and Lux’s vassal Vibi Anna who accused Princess Celestia of their father’s death and also knew that Princess Celestia would never agree to integrate the Line Ark ponies.  Twilight and White, nevertheless, insisted that the grudge from both sides had to stop and that they would be the bridge to new relations between the two ponies.  Vibi was still not sold to the idea, and as insurance for White and Lux’s safety, discussed a plan with Commander Seymour to preemptively strike at one of Equestria’s cities should Celestia cross them; that city being Cloudsdale. 

The day of the Summit arrived and White met with Celestia for the first time.  The main 6; White and Lux; and 2 members of the Line Ark Council (with the absence of Seymour) finally began to draft an official document declaring the Line Ark ponies as Citizens of Equestria once again.  After White and Twilight signed the document, they passed it Celestia who bore the ultimate blessing.  Before she signed it, she sure enough, ordered her royal guard to attack and slaughter White and the Council.  Celestia expressed her apology that she could not afford to have the Line Ark ponies divide her kingdom and must eliminate them to ensure Equestria’s prosperity.  Vibi, however, got between them and informed Celestia of Seymour and her fleet of Pegasi who were in position to destroy Cloudsdale should they lay a hoof on any of the Line Ark ponies.  This forced Celestia to call off her attack, but informed Line Ark that the Royal Guard will return as soon as the threat to Cloudsdale was eliminated and eliminate Line Ark from both Ponyville and the Line Ark city. 


The Equestrian Civil War


The next day, all White and the Council could do was sit and fear of Celestia’s return.  Although they had built an army, it was nowhere near the size of Equestria’s and was most definitely not enough to hold back their attack on Line Ark.  Lux and Vibi, however, proposed a solution… if they could somehow convince the Mane Six, along with their Elements of Harmony, to join Line Ark and rebel against Princess Celestia, it would rally Equestrian Ponies to join the Line Ark ranks and overthrow the rule of the Alicorn Princesses.  The Council didn’t like the idea of a full-fledged war with Equestria, and didn’t even know if The Six would even join them, but they had little choice but to try.  Lux used her magic to interdict communication going in and out of Ponyville as well as ground all flying Pegesai; while Vibi approached the first of The Six, Applejack, and discussed leaving Equestria.  Vibi convinced Applejack that Princess Celestia was no longer a rational Alicorn who supported the Earth Ponies but rather an elitist parasite that feeds off their hard work with her attack on Line Ark as evidence.  After careful deliberation on her own, Applejack was the first of the Mane Six to leave Equestria.  Her first move was with the help of Vibi, to forcibly remove (but not eliminate) Mayor Mare from power with Applejack taking over.  From there Applejack ordered the release of Pinkie Pie who was easily swayed to embark on a hot air balloon and read out a message of rebellion through a megaphone across Ponyville (even though she didn’t know what any of it meant herself).  Twilight could not fly with Lux’s interdiction spell to stop her, so all she could do is go door to door of the remaining of The Six and convince them to leave Ponyville as fast as they could.  Twilight herself, had to flee on hoof until she was out of Lux’s spell so she could warn Celestia of the danger she faced.  Many of Ponyville’s citizens became convinced of Line Ark’s message and reported to the Council for recruitment.  The one’s who were not convinced fled Ponyville along with Twilight.  With Applejack representing Ponyville, she assembled each of the citizens to pledge their allegiance to Line Ark and officially leave Equestria.  It was there, Applejack drafted a declaration of rebellion against Princess Celestia and ratified by White, representing Line Ark.  Henceforth began, the Equestrian Civil War.

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by Senzi

Okay! Let's Do this! I guess I'll be honest and pin stuff on you first. It took me about 30 seconds of looking at it to find some thing...

Awesome graphical shot, I must say. For the reason I cannot agree more with the position this was taken in; it leads me to the conclusi...


Happy Easter Everypony :heart:

My EMP is still active, so I'll still be INactive for a while. I should return after the 2nd week of May~
Okay, sorry to disappoint some of my new watchers but it's the last month of my semester and it looks like I'm in trouble (again) so I might have to impose an EMP on my computer, essentially stating this site and games are responsible for my procrastination. It simply means I'll be taking a small hatius. I'll post a journal when the EMP goes active. I still might respond to messages tho... MIGHT respond... maybe just respond but not actively comment... I'll let you all know :heart:
I Paint Ze Perrra~
Da Vinci Fella (Artists)  

In all honesty I was never good at raw digital painting, and this is no exception, but what the hay?  Had to have some fun~
Strawberry Meringue
Not affiliated with my fandom, but rather my entry for LiaAqila , also some freehand practice :3

She looks a lot like Annie from LoL...


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